About greenChklist

greenChklist is a comprehensive web and mobile application tool to carry out the daily checklists and log sheets at any office premises and property site.

greenChklist eliminates the paper checklists and log sheet by providing QR Code (or) Beacon where all the checklists and log sheet are configured based on the frequency i.e., no of times the QR code need to be scanned in a day where it displays the set of checklist activities and log sheet activities which need to be carried out during that time slot. On updating the activity in the mobile, the data is synchronised in real-time where the end user can view the dashboard and reports at any given time.

Awesome Features

Checklist QR Code Scan

Using greenChklist, the checklist for the housekeeping department QR code is generated based on the frequently assigned area which need to be maintained on hourly, 4/8/12 hours a day. Each QR code has a set of activities which is fixed permanently for each scan. The QR code is fixed in each area based on Location/Building/Floor/Wing.

Log sheet QR Code Scan

Using greenChklist, the log sheet for the M&E department is scanned based on the QR code generated and based on the frequently assigned to each equipment i.e., Transformers, DG, Chillers, HVAC and STP which need to be maintained once every 4/8/12 hours a day. Each QR code has a set of parameters with threshold limit range which is fixed permanently for each QR scan. If the threshold limit is not within the range, then the mail is triggered with RCA link for the Root Cause Analysis. The Log sheet QR code is fixed in each area based on Location/Building/Floor/Wing.

Integrated with iFaziDesk

greenChklist is tightly integrated with iFazidesk mobile app. Whenever the activity is “Not Completed” in greenChklist in the mobile application, the greenChklist raises a separate ticket in iFazidesk mobile app where the helpdesk team monitors the ticket with priority and the ticket reflects in the helpdesk mobile app for further action with timelines.

Email and SMS Integration

greenChklist features essential integration with email clients. Supervisors and Technicians receive notification when a checklist and log sheet is not submitted within a specified slot time. In the mean-time, the manager receives notifications of checklist and log sheet updates. SMS is sent to the supervisor and technicians on the greenChklist which is not completed.

Dashboard and Reports

greenChklist offers a very unique dashboard where we can view the % score on the number of activity completed and not completed in realtime.

How it works

greenChklist - DATE is used to track all the checklist on hourly basis or once in 2/4 hours on daily basis. Various checklist which are maintained by housekeepers and M & E on daily basis like restroom, pantry, cafeteria, workstation, conference room, UPS, DG, Chillers which need to be cleaned and maintained where Green Chklist used effectively.

greenChklist - DATE consolidates the checklist on daily basis if the cleaning and maintenance need to be completed on an hourly basis. The % achieved will be real time on daily basis which aggregates to weekly/monthly/half-yearly and yearly.

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